Mandro-Chase Group companies are international consulting engineers in a complete range of geotechnical, geophysical and offshore  investigations with advanced exploration equipment, field and laboratory testing spread and analytical engineering capabilities. We evaluate and provide solutions to many geotechnical and geological engineering problems.



Geotechnical, Geological and Geophysical Investigations

1) Geological Studies

2) Hydrological, Hydro geological and Hydroclimatological


3) Drilling Exploratory Boreholes and Sampling   
4) In-situ Testing (SPT, PMT, Shear vane,Plate Load Tests,

    CBR )
     4-1) Electronic Cone Penetration Test (CPTu)
      4-2) Drilling Parameter Recording (DPR)

5) Pile Load Test (Static and Dynamic)
6) Laboratory Testing

7) Data Interpretation and Engineering  Analysis

      7-1) Determining physical, Mechanical and Dynamic Soil


       7-2) Liquefaction

       7-3) Bearing Capacity and Settlement for Shallow and Deep  


      7-4) Slope Stability Analysis

      7-5) Stability Analysis for different Retaining wall Systems

      7-6) Seepage Analysis

8) Geophysical Studies

      8-1) Determining Dynamic Soil Parameters

      8-2) 3D Analysis of Soil Electrical Resistively

   8-3) 3D Analysis of Seismic Refraction Tests 



Offshore Geotechnical and Geophysical Investigations
1) Deep and shallow water drilling, coring and  sampling

2) In-situ testing

3) Vibro-coring, up to 3000 meters of water depth

4) Geophysical survey


Environmental Studies

    1) Baseline Studies

       2) Environmental Impact Assessment

       3) Environmental and Chemical  Testing

Structural Engineering
       1) Steel & R-C Design & Analysis
  2) Remediation & Resistance design  

           of Damaged Buildings

       3) Seismic Retrofitting

       4) Pile foundations

       5) Earth Structures

       6) Forensic Engineering

       7) Retaining Walls

       8) Nailing and Anchoring