Persian LNG Midstream Near-shore Investigation

Client: SHELL Global Solution

Persian LNG Consortium: SHELL AND NIGEC




The Near-shore Investigation Geotechnical and In-situ SPT and CPTu Testing.

Shahid Beheshti Port Development

Client : Port & Shipping Organization

Completed 2007


The Geotechnical Investigation and Seismic Hazard Analysis for Onshore and Near-shore of Shahid Beheshti Development at Chabahar Port near the Border of Pakistan and Iran was completed. Special roller floating platform which moves on land and sea was used .Mandro Pressure Meter Test to measure to lateral modulus of elasticity was used extensively.


Boskalis Nearshore Geotechnical Investigation

Client: Boskalis Westminster

Completed 2007



Near-shore Geotechnical Investigation for Boskalis West monster (Middle East). The site was located at the Busheher  located in the north eastern part of Persian Gulf. Field work included positioning, drilling sampling, and  in-situ testing such as SPT in order to obtain comprehensive data for dredging operation.         


Pars LNG

Client: TOTAL     

Completed 2007


The Near-shore investigation at the site of Pars LNG (Total) in Tombak shores was completed in 2007. This investigation was carried out  on-board Mandro`s dedicated geotechnical vessel Artemis and entails coring and CPTu.