Central Laboratory


The central laboratory of Mandro- Chase Group is situated in the outskirts of the capital city Tehran in our warehouse/laboratory complex with 6000 m2 of land. The laboratory consists of 4 separate departments of:

  • Soil

  • Rock

  • Construction Materials

  • Chemical and Environmental

Each department boasts a team of professional staff and a full array of standard, regularly calibrated testing equipment and devices.

All testing is supervised by our engineering department and conforms to relevant international standards such as ASTM, BS, AASHTO, and ISRM. Special environmental tests are performed in partner laboratory. The list of equipment of the laboratory and their specifications are as follows:


1. Complete set of Digital 50 kN Triaxial testing machine

Capable testing soil specimens up to 100mm diameter with integral fully variable microprocessor controlled drive unit. The testing machine is equipped with:


  • Full range of Triaxial cells of 50mm, 70mm and 100mm covering sample sizes of 35 to 100mm diameter.

  • Eight-Channel data logger for digital readout.

  • Capable of measuring volume change, strain axial, load axial, pore pressure.






. Complete set of 50kN Triaxial testing machine for soil specimen up to 100mm diameter.


      3. Complete set of 100 kN Uniaxial testing machine for soil specimen up to 100 mm diameter.


4. Complete set of one-dimensional Consolidation test apparatus  with calibrated dial gauges and weights.



      5.  Complete set of Direct/ Residual Shear apparatus that will accept specimens of 60mm and 100mm square.

A thyristor controlled drive unit and gear box that provides infinite speeds from .0025 to 1mm /minute, with a neutral gear position.

  6. Complete set of Particle Size Distribution test by Sieving and Sedimentation methods and Plasticity index equipments


      7. Permeability test equipment for constant and falling head methods.


8. Modified and Standard Compaction Tests including molds and Rammers of 2.5kg and 4.5kg.


      9. Ten Tons Mechanical CBR testing machine and CBR testing equipment including CBR mold and accessories. 


10. Los Angeles abrasion Machine in order to determine the resistance of aggregate to abrasion.






11. Storage Room For preserving soil and rock samples in standard situation and controlling aircondition.










Calibration of load-displacement and other measuring devices will be provided according to the manufactures recommendations. Evidence of the current calibration will be supplied to the Company upon the request.

Soil Testing

According to the actual soil condition the following tests will be performed in central laboratory in Tehran. Some of the tests and their standards are described below:



Classification tests

a)    Moisture content                                       

b)    Bulk density of clayey or cemented soils     

c)    Particle size distribution + Hydrometer test  

d)    Atterberg limits                                          

e)    Specific gravity                                          

 f)    Soil Classification                                       

g)    Mineralogical microscopic analysis

h)     Maximum and minimum index density        

i)     Permeability constant and falling head        

j)    Compaction (NIormal and Modified)              

k)     CBR


ASTM  D-226


ASTM  D-421,D-422

ASTM  D-4318

ASTM  D-854

ASTM  D-2488

ASTM  D-1721

ASTM D-4253,4254

BS 1377-5

ASTM D698,D1557




Cohesive Samples

a)    Unconfined compression test 

b)    1.5" Triaxial test on undisturbed samples              

c)    1.5" CU Triaxial test with pore pressure measurement  

d)    Consolidation test                                          

e)    Potential of swell and settlement      

f)     Miniature vane shear test                   

g)    Slow Direct shear test on clay         

h)    Cyclic triaxial test          



ASTM  D-2166

ASTM  D-2850

ASTM  D-4767

ASTM  D-2435

ASTM  D-2435

ASTM D-4648

ASTM  D-3080

ASTM  D-5311


Cohesionless Samples

a)    Direct shear test on   sand                                              

b)    1.5" and 4" CD Triaxial test on sand   

c)   Compressibility of sand in odometer ring with maximum

       pressure of 1600 kpa.

d)    Isotropic compression on carbonate sand in Triaxial cell

e)    Cyclic triaxial test                          


ASTM  D-3080

ASTM  D-4767

ASTM  D-4235


ASTM  D-5311 



Chemical tests                                                                         

     a)   Chloride content

     b) Total and water soluble sulphate content

     c)  Carbonate content of sand

     d)  Organic content of soil

     e)  PH.

      f)   Gypsum content







Hard clay or rock Samples

    a)   Compressive strength of rock                                           

    b)   Elastic moduli of rock in Uniaxial compression                  

    c)   Point load test                                                                

    d)   Brazilian test                                                                   

    e)   Direct shear strength of rock on weak planes                     

     f)   Density, moisture content, porosity and water absorption     

    g)   Triaxial test on rock



ASTM  D-2938

ASTM  D-3148

ASTM  D-5731


ASTM  D-5607