We are active in the field of geotechnical and geophysical engineering since 1969. In fact our first request was from Elf Aquitaine of France to survey the sites at Siri Island. We surveyed the sites and the master plan for Siri Island was prepared. Eventually several consulting companies are established and registered by us in various countries to offer engineering services. 

Mandro Company was established in Tehran (1973) and had a joint venture with Soletanche and Sif Bachy of France to design the Metro of Tehran.  Subsequently Mandro International was registered in Paris (1990) to cover the activities in Europe.  Later, Chase Geotechnique was registered in London (1998) to cover the International projects.


As our activities expanded in the a Middle East region, we established and registered Chase Geotechnique FZE at Ras Al Khaimah and Chase Foundations LLC in Dubai, with central laboratory and drilling facilities in the field of geotechnical and geophysical survey.   Since inception in 1969 we have accomplished successfully more than 3800 projects.

 All these companies are financially and structurally independent from one another. We utilize their services in order to optimize our operations in various regions. The overall research programme, training, marketing, and promotion are done under the auspices of Mandro-Chase Group


The link amongst these Companies is Dr. T. Amirsoleymani who is responsible for the innovation, integrity, and quality of the works. He obtained his B.S, in Civil Engineering from Stanford University, USA in 1962 and his MS, and Ph.D. from Birmingham University, UK in the field of Foundation Engineering and Soil Mechanics in 1966.